Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Save $75 on Imogene + Willie Jeans: Ends soon!

StyleBlueprint is offering one heck of a deal for denim lovers everywhere. If you've ever drooled for a pair of custom-made Imogene + Willie jeans, but can't fork over the cash, here's your chance. Get a $150 coupon for $75 here. Here are the details:


  • Imogene + Willie is recognized nationally as one of the country's stellar boutiques
  • Starting at $225, the jeans are custom fitted for your body type.
  • Jeans are manufactured in the USA


  • Valid for Imogene + Willie jeans only
  • (1) deal per person. (1) additional may be purchased as a gift
  • Sales tax is not included
  • Available for in-store purchase only
  • Expires 4/6/2012
Passion for Imogene + Willie jeans runs as deep as a Texas oil well, which is why we feel like we’ve struck gold with today’s StyleBlueprint Deal. Matt and Carrie Eddmenson are the real deal—true agents of change in our fair city. They came to Nashville to make a difference, and a difference is what you’ll find.

At Imogene + Willie, you’ll find American-made jeans that fit you perfectly, having been crafted and fitted right here at the company’s 12th Avenue South location.

You’ve probably driven by their discreet location before (it doesn’t scream “come on in”), and as unexpected as their locale is, the experience of buying I+W jeans is even more so. As one of Imogene + Willie’s favorite customers said, “ I tried on the jeans, they took them in the back, fitted them, and I swear, I’ll never buy jeans anywhere else again—ever.” It’s the best ready to-wear-meets-bespoke combination we’ve seen.

This kind of craftsmanship isn’t really learned, it’s inherited. Both Matt and Carrie come from families who understand the importance of made in America, but more importantly, understand the phrase, “made well.”

Today's deal is for a $150 voucher, which will put a huge dent into a pair of I+W jeans, given that they start at $225. There are plenty of “designer jeans” to be had that, off the rack, have prices running far north of I+W’s, but we’re sure you’ll agree that their attention to craftsmanship and custom-fit approach make these jeans worth every penny.

When we sent out a quick email to devotees of Imogene+ Willie asking them why they loved there jeans so much, the response was speedy. Hear what folks are saying:

Linda Roberts: “Imogene + Willie designs jeans that make you look like a rock star, no matter what your body style is. You’ll never buy a pair anywhere else.”

Nan Belote:  “When you set foot into Imogene + Willie, you are embraced as family! I have several pairs - Imogene, Elsie, and just bought Alice today, all of which are made right here in the great US of A. And the best part? They are flattering on every body!”

Roger Higgins: “Imogene + Willie is doing something different and in a unexpected location [on 12th Avenue], where all the gems are. My jeans from there have the best fit ever.”

Holly Hoffman: “Over a year ago, I bought my first pair - the Imogene Rigid. It was a stretch for me (pun unintended) because I owned nothing but low-rise skinnies. My I+W jeans are a different fit, fabric and feel, but have conformed to my shape and aged beautifully, reflecting the places these jeans have been worn. Now, I cannot imagine NOT having my Imogenes.”

Laura Lee Dobie:  “I love my Imogene + Willie jeans.  They fit perfectly. They are very comfortable and flattering.  In fact, my husband rarely notices what I wear.  But he noticed these.....  He said, "Go buy another pair of those."  And I said, "you might not love them that much."

Marcia Masulla:  "I literally hum Etta James's "At Last" each time I slip into my Imogene + Willies. This is denim that is truly made for the soul. It doesn't get much better than this."

Customers who’ve bought their first pair of Imogene + Willie  jeans don't look back: they've found perfection.
We hope you enjoy your new Imogene + Willie jeans!

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