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The Container Store Grand Opening: November 5, 2011

omg, this closet...

It may not be fashion... but a girl's gotta organize her shoes somehow, right?! With my love of interior design and home organization (but mostly my OCD tendencies), I am an anticipation over The Container Store's opening in Nashville. I'll be attending a preview event of the store, so look for photos within the next two weeks. So, here's the scoop on the newest organizational retailer:

CONTAIN YOURSELF!  The Container Store, the nation’s originator and leading retailer of storage and organization products, will open in Nashville (at the Mall at Green Hills) on Saturday, November 5, 2011 adding about 60 jobs to the local community.  It’s our first location in Tennessee and our company’s 52nd store!

We are also thrilled that The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation will receive 10 percent of our Nashville store’s grand opening weekend sales as part of our commitment to give back to our local communities. The mission of The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation (MPCF), a nonprofit public charity, is to compassionately assist adults impacted by cancer with treatment options, clinical trial opportunities, and coping plans. 

The Container Store actually created the storage and organization category of retail in 1978 when we opened our first store in Dallas.  Since our inception, we have nurtured an employee-first culture coupled with a high level of customer service - and we’re excited to bring both elements to our new customers in Nashville. 

We’re proud to be a financially healthy company with strong earnings.  Our strict expense management has allowed us to avoid layoffs and, our commitment to open, transparent communication throughout the organization has further strengthened our “yummy” culture.  In fact, our “communication is leadership” philosophy is just one of the reasons we’ve been named to FORTUNE magazine’s list of “100 Best Companies to Work For” for the past 12 years!  And remember…we’re talking retail and a great place to work in the same sentence! 

We’re a company with a  real heart and soul – not just another retail store.  You can find out more about “What We Stand For” -- our special way of doing business, our employee-first culture, our Foundation Principles, our vendor relationships, and our commitment to the community and the environment -- by visiting our blog, . This interactive community features fun and inspiring videos, photos and blog entries on our special employee events, community projects and more.

The Container Store has been heralded by media and fanatical shoppers alike for the impact our products and customer service have on customers’ lives across the country.  If you haven’t shopped with us before, we’re excited you’ll have the opportunity, as it truly is a life-changing experience.  We couldn’t resist sharing some of these passionate excerpts with you from fans of ours across the country:

·         “I love you, The Container Store. You always come through for me. I live better because of you. I know, I know. Sometimes I don't tell you where I've been when I sneak off to Bed, Bath & Beyond.  But I swear it's not the same. They've got stuff there, but it's just stuff. You've got solutions. You give me ideas. Thanks to you I am organized, and therefore free. I walk by and look at all my things that, after years of homelessness, all have a place to live. And they are happy. And if they are happy, I am happy. Please be mine. I can't live without you.”
-          Excerpt from customer blog

·         “Everything in there is a solution.  As soon as you walk in, you just feel like your problems are solvable.  You walk in and just feel this immediate sense of calm.”
-          The New York Times

·         “Love is probably the wrong word but it’s the one that immediately comes to mind.  I love it so much I didn't move my clothing out of their boxes (I’ve been living out for the past 5 months) because I don't want to make it ugly with the addition of my rag tag wardrobe.  This closet is not big by most standards (approx 6 feet by 3 feet) but it’s quite big compared to my prior closet.  It’s also pretty huge by NYC standards.  Most importantly, it maximizes the space and is pretty to look at.  I wish I could transport you into my closet so you could feel the serenity that comes over me when I walk into this little box.  Off to find pretty hangers now.”
-          Excerpt from a customer blog about elfa, The Container Store’s customizable closet system

Here are just a handful of additional highlights about The Container Store and our one-of-a-kind shopping and working experience:

  • Our 25,000-square foot Nashville store will feature more than 10,000 multi-functional and innovative products that will solve everything from the smallest to the most intimidating organizational challenges. 

  • Our products will be organized in 14 signature lifestyle departments such as closet, kitchen, office, travel, gift packaging and laundry, to organize our time-and space-starved customers. 

  • We couple our one-of-a-kind product collection with an extremely high level of personalized customer service.  The Container Store executes a solutions-based approach to retail that is liberated by a commitment to employee development and training.  Each full-time salesperson receives more than 263 hours of training in their first year, compared to the retail industry average of seven to 10 hours.

  • Customers of our Nashville store will be able to take advantage of The Container Store’s free elfa® design services.  The Container Store’s expert space and closet designers will be available every day to create customized storage and organization solutions for any area of the home or office.  elfa®, the foundation of any organized space, is the premiere storage system available in the market and has been The Container Store’s best-selling product since its debut in 1978. 

  • We look forward to astonishing our new customers with our renowned service delivered by our great employees.  Our goal?  To have each and every customer doing a little dance every time they open the doors of their organized closet, pantry or home office.

  • The Container Store pays its salespeople 50 to 100 percent higher than retail industry average.  “A funny thing happens when you take the time to educate your employees, pay them well and treat them as equals.  You end up with extremely motivated and enthusiastic people,” notes Kip Tindell, our chairman and CEO.  Our commitment to this practice has not waivered even during a down economy. 

  • FORTUNE magazine has included The Container Store at the top of its annual list of “100 Best Companies to Work For” for the past 12 years. 

  • We work to foster a corporate culture atypical in the retail industry and boast an average turnover rate of less than 14 percent companywide versus an industry average of more than 100 percent. 

For more information about a career with The Container Store, visit  We are currently accepting applications and are in the process of conducting group and one-on-one interviews.  We’d even love to have you attend one of these unique interviews as we approach hiring our GREAT people like no other retailer. 

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