Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Five

Five things, Nashville and beyond, that I'm currently trending: 

1. The Steve Madden Glitter Bootie

Inspired by my favorite new bootie for Fall, the Miu Miu glitter bootie, the Steve Madden version is a much more affordable option, retailing for around $130 as opposed to the $890 of the Miu Miu. While it is apparent the Steve Madden shoe is a total fashion rip-off of the Miu Miu glitter bootie, the price is much more friendly on the wallet and affordable. These shoes can turn any outfit into a show stopper.
Miu Miu left. Steve Madden right.
(Yeah.... Steve Madden, you rode on the Miu Miu wave..)

2. Nashville Craigslist
No, I'm not talking in the M4W kind of way, but I recently re-discovered Nashville Craigslist as a fantastic way to score cool furniture to add to my household collection.

A month ago I had dinner at a friends house (who just so happens to be an uh-mazing chef), where his wife was telling me about all the great deals she had scored on CL- end tables for $10, a bedroom set for $350, etc. I've sold a few of my college-style pieces on CL before, but hadn't really thought about seeing what was out there for myself. So, I decided to take a gander and see if anything peaked my interest. 

My house is a little ridiculous looking.. bright electric blue walls highlighted by white leather couches and a giant white moose head... Original modern artwork decorating the walls.. mocha tables and chairs.. I'm all about bright, modern spaces that both clear and energize the mind. So when I just so happen to find the bright white CB2 bar table on CL that I'd be eyeing for about two years, I jumped on that. I negotiated to purchase the $400 table for only $200.  Win! I plan to pair the table with steel chairs and a mini-zebra rug to match the West Elm zebra rug in my living room. CL, I'm a fan.

3. Clarins Vital Light Serum
I had received a beauty goody bag from Southern retailer Belk in promotion of the upcoming Fall 2011 collections about a month ago. One of my favorite items inside the adorable silk purple bag was this baby- Clarins Vital Light Serum. 

I may be a fashion junkie, but I am definitely not a skincare junkie. Overwhelmed by the copious amount of products on the market, I leave my fate up to the old soap, water, and a little bit of lotion. So, when I received this  Clarins product in the mail, I figured I'd give it a try. Retailing for $85 for a 1 oz. jar, the Vital Light Serum is designed to "restore deep luminosity with a targeted action on the dermis layer of the skin... and even skintone." I've been using the product for a little over a month now and have noticed both a smoothing and evening of the skin, in addition to an overall firmness. This is my new favorite weapon.

4. This Rachel Zoe Camel Coat

Picked out by The Lookbook's Sierra Jacobson for the recent issue of Nashville Lifestyles, I am totally trending this Rachel Zoe coat retailing for $698 at Jamie.

5. This Alexander McQueen Dress (Spring 2012)

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  1. That Clarins stuff is the best!

    I've been using it for about a month now and I can see such a difference.