Sunday, October 16, 2011

Martha Stewart Loves 12th South Nashville

The gig is up and I have a confession. I love Martha Stewart. Yeah, I said it. I love the woman. Prison record aside, I'm all about her recipes, kitchen line (totally have her iconic robins egg blue dish towels and tea kettle on my range), dinner party ideas, and tasteful crafts that I'll never do. But when it comes to fashion and all things cool, Martha's L.L. Bean and Coldwater Creek style doesn't exactly conjure images of a hip lady. And the majority of city features center around family-run apple farms or vintage shops selling heirloom silver in sleepy Northeastern towns. So imagine my surprise when I was lounging around, reading the latest
Martha Stewart Living November 2011 issue, and saw the 12th South Nashville Neighborhood featured under the "Our Finds" Section. Paired next to a snowy Coldwater Creek advertisement (I wasn't exaggerating about the CC), are highlights from one of our favorite little indie corners. Featured (along with accompanying photographs) is Imogene + Willie, Las Paletas, Burger Up, Halcyon Bike Shop, The Frothy Monkey Coffeehouse, and Mas Tacos Por Favor. The introduction reads:

"A couple miles south of the honkey-tonk center of Nashville is 12South, a neighborhood with a bohemian spirit and a strong sense of community. This formerly run-down part of town has become a destination for standout shopping and food. If you're there on a Thursday, you might catch "supper and song night." During this regular event, held outside clothing store Imogene + Willie, locals eat pork tacos and roasted corn from the Mas Tacos Por Favor trunk while listening to live music (Nashville's specialty, after all)." - Matthew Hranek

Um, way to step up the cool factor, Martha!

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