Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend Update / Event Review: Anthropologie Shoes & Accessories and Tidwell & Perryman Fashion Show

Before everyone gets all a-buzz with Nashville Fashion Week, I figured I would go ahead and dish on my fabulously fashionable weekend. Well, fashionable, at least, for the most part.

Last week was HECTIC for me. Now, don’t tell my students, but I love love love finals week! That’s when I get invited by my instructors to sit in on student final presentations. And seriously, they did not disappoint this year. I just have to say that I’m the luckiest teacher ever with the smartest, most creative, most talented, and most business savvy students in the world. I really do have the coolest and most rewarding job on the planet.

So, with the craziness of last week, Friday night was spent sipping a glass of wine, catching up on some reading, grading papers, doing homework, and re-watching Punch Drunk Love. I’d forgotten how much, despite how awkwardly weird that movie is, I love it. I definitely needed some ‘me time’ to finish some work and relax.

Saturday I attended the Anthropologie Shoes & Accessories store opening in Green Hills Mall. I’ve been talking with their PR Manager for a while regarding this event, the store, etc., and they’ve been great. I even received a hand numbered personal invitation in the mail to attend. Adorable. Now, I’ve been anticipating the opening of this store for a while. Athropologie geeks me out. First, I love the merchandise. Their clothes are a combination of classic, artistic, edgy, luxurious, youthful, and fun. And their home collections? Geez! I go nuts for their teacups, quirky furniture and pillows, table linens, candles, coasters, and plates. It’s one of my favorite places for ridiculously cool odds and ends. And second, I am absolutely, positively, wholeheartedly OBSESSED with their visual merchandising. I’ve done extensive academic research on visual merchandising (seriously, I’m totes frrl) and Anthropologie takes the cake. I’ve taught Visual Merchandising for about four years now (both at the Art Institute and University of Kentucky) and always refer to Anthro for classroom examples. Obsessed.

Ok, so enough about that. The Shoes & Accessories store… It’s located where the old Brookstone was in a 1200 square foot intimate space. According to their press release, the boutique houses “a carefully curated, diverse assortment of shoes and other accessories- a treasure trove for the woman who appreciates style, artistry, and individuality.” The ‘diverse assortment’ I saw included shoes, scarves, handbags, jewelry, belts, and sunglasses.

I had expected the visual merchandising strategies to be on point with the Anthropologie store, but the Shoes & Accessories store seemed less whimsical and more sophisticated and edgy. Maybe with good reason- the price points seemed slightly higher than the regular retail store. Most of the items I scoped out seemed to be between the $98 to $498 price range. I saw some gawwwww-gous necklaces I didn’t want to live without, but I don’t really think my budget can handle $500 for a necklace. In fact, people that can drop $500 on an adorable necklace- who are you? I’ve never met you before. Do you exist? Why aren’t we friends? Why don’t you buy me things? Le sigh. So, here are some photos from the store. Be sure to stop by next time you’re at Green Hills Mall. And buy me something. I need all of these items in my closet asap!

Loved these necklaces!!

How beautiful is this closeup?

Not only did I love these pieces, but loved the way they were displayed on the rocks.

Purses, scarves, and shoes.

These had an Egyptian feel to them.

Adorable sunnies!

Cool display of shoes, purses, and live flowers.

Beautiful scarves.

Wall of shoes. And I'm obsessed with the tan strappy Dolce Vita shoes on the top.

I wanted this beaded yellow clutch.

Saturday evening was spent with a couple of girlfriends sipping boxed wine like the classy gals we are and rounding that off with a midnight run to Suzy Wong’s House of Yum, which has recently become my obsession. I don’t think I’ll ever return, though, past the hour of midnight.. I discovered that place is the Waffle House of drunk hipsters and drag queens. (I mean, with Play and Tribe right next door, you know you’re going to run into some awesome people!) I won’t go into details of drunk patrons, but safe to say, no more late night Suzy Wong’s.

Sunday was the Tidwell & Perryman fashion show at Virago. I actually didn’t snap any photos from this evening, but I’m sure there are about a million floating around because I’m pretty sure there were about a million people there. Ok, maybe that’s a tad of an exaggeration, but frrl, that place was packed out! There were times when I could hardly move! Of course, this is great for T&P because they got to see how many people a) love their clothes, and b) love/support them. (View snapshots here.)

Let me start by saying the newly designed Virago is phenomenal. It has a New York feel of sophistication and cool. Loved the vibe. I ended up sitting at a table with Alicia Boswell from Nashville Fashion Events and we chatted the night away. And apparently we also made some small talk with Amy Grant, who was sitting next to us? Of course, I had no clue who she was because I know NOTHING about country music. Maybe I need to brush up on my famous people. I also loved our seat because we got to watch the models line up to walk, so I got to really take a close look at their garments.

The models were a mix of male and female and the clothes were a mix of preppy classic with a twist and some sort of sport jersey. Sexy! A live band played hipster music while fog hazed over the air and guests sipped drinks while straining for a peek of the models. I need to get a hold of some pictures so I can share! The show lasted around 45 minutes with a roar of applause for T&P at the finale. It was definitely one of the funnest shows I’ve been to in Nashville. And the guests’ outfits were a fashion show within themselves! I finally had a chance to wear my light pink sheer American Apparel skirt and ridiculous huge blonde faux fur coat purchased at a New York H&M. Should have taken a picture of my outfit, too.

All in all, the weekend was good. Filled with fashion events and a lot of fun. Now, just like everybody else, I’m getting ready for Nashville Fashion Week. Watch out!

Photo credit:
Anthropolgie Shoes & Accessories: Nashville Fashion Blog

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