Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Christian Siriano Tweets About Nashville Fashion Week

Ok, so normally a tweet doesn't warrant a blog post, but hellllllllo, we're talking Christian Siriano here! The rules don't apply. So, here's what the fierce designer said about his upcoming Nashville Fashion Week show:

On Wednesday 30th March 2011,  said:
About Nashville, I have something I'm confused about. I showed this season at New York Fashion Week, as always. I am also showing some of my collection in Nashville this weekend alongside local talent and Betsey Johnson because it's a fun way for me to bring my art to a new market that really wants to see it. Some writers seem to look down on this, but I don't understand what the problem is? My business is growing rapidly and I am doing everything I can to help that happen. What's wrong with everyone having the chance to see fashion? Is nobody else allowed to have a look except people in New York? I do trunk shows around the country and around the world, as do most designers... and many designers often have fashion shows at or near trunk shows because they help people see the clothes and want to wear them. I am having a trunk show in Nashville this weekend as well. It's going to be fun and good for my business, and I'm grateful that the people of Nashville want to have me!

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