Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Street Fashion: Concert Trend Alert

Monday night I had the privilege of attending Mumford & Sons at TPAC’s War Memorial Auditorium. Tickets, costing around $23, sold out in a matter of hours, and I snagged two for me and a friend as soon as I heard this band was making the TN rounds again.

Mumford & Sons
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If you haven’t heard of Mumford & Sons, shame on you! They’re one of the hippest and most talented bands currently in vogue. I could tell you about their mind-blowing performance. Or how the crowd was so quiet and attentive while they played I actually heard somebody cough from across the room. Or I could describe to you the complete and utter chaos that occurred as they played their 45-minute encore set with surprise guests Old Crow Medicine Show. No, I won’t tell you about that. But I will tell you about some major fashion trends I saw: over-the-shoulder handbags, shorts with tights, and brogue flats.

If you think about it, over-the-shoulder handbags are the perfect purses to take to a concert: they’re hassle and hands-free, they can fit all your necessities, and you can still have a dance party while sporting them! I definitely prefer leather, and you’ll be sure to find some of these as great price points at your local thrift store. Maybe even check out Local Honey. Here's how to wear them right!
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Shorts with tights may seem a little 90’s, but the trend has been popping up the past few seasons. But according to the girls waiting in line for the show, the trend is in full force! My new cousin-in-law? cousin? or whatever the wife of your cousin is called, recently honeymooned in Italy and noticed the trend herself. You can read about this adorable and fashionable girl’s adventures and fashion styling business here. (I also suggest that if you live in the Fayetteville, AR area, you hit this girl up for some styling advice!)
My lovely new family member, Anna Chatelain, sporting shorts and tights.
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So, what type of shoes do you pair with these shorts and tights? Brogue flats! In addition to the typical array of Fall boots, these shoes seemed to adorn 90% of the hipsters in line. These can be found at local vintage and consignment shops, and I know Urban Outfitters has an array to choose from as well.

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