Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blog Update

So, I know what you’re thinking. Uh… it’s been nearly a month since your last update! What’s the deal??
While I would like nothing more than to pretend the only pressing matter in my life is blogging, not so much the case. Work has been crazy busy lately (which is always good!!), I caught a case of the death-cold-flu-miserable sickness that was spreading around, and then I spend a good chunk of time in one of my favorite cities, DC.

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If you have never been to DC, you’re missing out. I adore the Smithsonian’s, culture, historical monuments, and general atmosphere. Some of the greatest meals I’ve had in my life have been in DC. And more importantly than that, some of the greatest shopping! (But of course, New York will always be #1.) What I love most visiting my BFF in DC is taking a half day to peruse the racks of H&M and Zara. Now, I know those aren’t Nashville-specific shopping destinations as this blog is dedicated to, but they are noteworthy nonetheless. I purchased 17 items of clothing from both retailers, and only spent $300. I outfitted myself for half the winter with just a few hundred bucks! I'm headed to Chicago this weekend for a little getaway, and I'm sure will hit up these stores again. What can I say? I'm in love!
Zara retail store

H&M 2009 Matthew Williamson collection. ADORE.
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So, shopping at these retail-havens, got me wondering why H&M, specifically, wasn’t in Nashville? I don’t even know where the closest one is? And, even though I like being the only girl around rockin’ my H&M gear, I’m pretty sure discount-mall Opry Mills would be a perfect location for such a store. Then I started thinking about Opry Mills…

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Everyone I have talked to and the copious amounts of internet articles and information I have read all indicate varying stores about the mall’s fate. The Bass Pro Shop recently reopened with much fan fare. Now, I’m not exactly a BPS shopper, but I feel that’s a good sign. I also saw that the Gap and Banana Republic Outlets at Opry Mills are hiring. Another promising sign? I’d like to think so! I never realized how much I liked that mall (it is great for Christmas shopping) until it was gone. I periodically keep updated with the Opry Mills via their Facebook page. Open soon! And preferably with a H&M!
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