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Frye Trunk Show: October 8 – 9, 2010

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I have been absolutely, completely, and utterly obsessed with Frye boots for the past decade. What I love about these shoes is their timeless appeal and durability. These shoes will last you years! Decades, even!
I bought my first pair of Frye’s several years ago; a vintage pair of cowboy-ish boots from a hole-in-the-wall boutique in Kentucky. Keep in mind, I was rocking these boots before I moved to Nashville, so these were a hip little find that I would often pair with a green silk dress to add a little juxtaposition to my ensemble. And I got compliments ALL THE TIME. Seriously. They were that cool. Then… I move to Nashville. AKA – Country boot capital of the world! So I was no longer super indie and hip with my vintage cowboy boots, I was just another girl who looked like they belonged at Wanna Be’s Karaoke Bar.
My Frye cowboy boots that make me look like a tourist :(
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So, I knew I had to get a new pair of Frye’s and quick! And what better place to score a pair of these quality boots than the uber-stylish boutique, Posh Boutique?! After eyeing a pair of Campus Frye’s for a good six months, I finally watched the price drop from $300 to $200 and I swooped in to make my score. While I absolutely love, love, love Frye, the only problem? The price! Now, while I like to pretend I have a trust fund waiting for me, spending a lot of money of one item makes me want to have a panic attack. But, if the merchandise is quality, stylish, timeless, and I know it will last me many, many years to come, I am all about spending a little more. The thing about Frye boots is that they are an investment piece, and will be worth every single penny.
My new Frye Campus boots from Posh Boutique!
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So when I hear about a Frye Trunk Show in Nashville, you know I gotta make it down! This Friday at 10:00 am through Saturday  at 7:00 pm, Posh Boutique in Hillsboro Village will be hosting a Frye Trunk Show. The store promises to have a huge selection of shoes for both men and women. Aaannnnd.. one lucky individual will be winner of a free pair of boots! Let’s hope it’s me. Seriously. I need at least fifty pairs of these things in my closet asap. So, if I don’t win, please feel free to just buy me a pair. Come on, you know you want to!!
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