Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Fall Items at Blush Boutique

Keep updated with new items at Blush Boutique on their Facebook page here. If you would like to take me shopping and buy me, oh, a few new pieces to stuff in my closet, I’d be seriously ok with that.

Left: Taupe satin dress: $44.99; Belt: $13.99; Necklace: $27.99
Right: Beige turtleneck sweater: $40.99; Sequin skirt: $35.99; Necklace: $15.99

Left: Pink & gray dress: $99.99; Necklace: $23.99
Right: Olive ruffle dress: $35.99; Necklace: $17.99

Here is what people are saying about Blush Boutique:
I visit Blush every time I am in town. I have splurged on many a $100 dress here, but I love knowing that what I am wearing is both well-made and unlikely to be seen on anyone else.  Also, sales are kick-ass.  I have found amazing bargains (to balance out my splurges).  I love love LOVE Blush. Love, And for a unique boutique they have a LOT of merchandise.  Including animal-friendly shoes, purses at great prices, under-$50 jeans, and awesome accessories.” – LC

“I'm from Los Angeles, and I happened to be in town for a friend's wedding. I didn't have a chance to get a dress before I left, so when I got to TN I relied on my fellow yelpers to lead me in the right direction. And they totally did.

All the merchandise at Blush was super cute, totally in style and very affordable. I got an amazing dress, shoes and a locally  handmade headband and I think I spent like $150, if that?

The girls were very helpful and nice. My only complaint is they didn't have my size shoe in the pair I wanted, not really a big deal at all. I still bought the damn shoes, they were so cute!

Long story short, next time I'm in the area I will definitely make a shop stop at Blush.” – Chelsea A.

Content :)

You definitely have to be in the right mood to go boutique shopping and after a stressful day today I was in need of retail therapy. Blush was the perfect stop!

The pricing is fairly reasonable. Some things are in the $30 range and others up to $100. Some of the quality of the pieces are worth the price and others not so much. It's a "hit or miss" store but when you get "hit" it's well worth it :)

It's the kind of place where you just have to try stuff on. Some of the pieces are straight from the designers it seems, rather than nation-wide/world-wide brands that mass produce therefore some pieces hug or are loose in places you wouldn't expect.

I love how the racks of clothing are organized by color it makes it a lot easier to shop. For example, I CANNOT pull off yellow with my skin tone and I could just skip that rack instead of sift through a rack of mismatch shades.

What they have: most of the clothing is dresses, some tops, and few bottoms. There's also a wall dedicated to shoes and a little display of jewelry by the cash wrap.” –Mirini K.

“Wow, I can't believe I haven't reviewed this place yet. I went in right after they opened, and knew it was going to be one of my favorites. In the time since they have made their debut, the selection has improved--more shoes, skirts, boots, tank tops, and somewhat more casual dresses. Their selection changes weekly, so if you're browsing you might want to do it kind of often. I've bought a number of high quality dresses there (BCBG, Laundry, and others) as well as heels and boots. They have always been kind to me, and super helpful with style advice and choices. If you have to go dress shopping alone this is the place to do it. They'll make up for any friendly (or even blunt) advice your mom would give you.” –Lauren E.
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