Thursday, September 9, 2010

Retailer Highlight: SEE Eyewear

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I recently discussed that I attended the Hillsboro Art of the Village & Sidewalk sale and the boutiques I perused through while sipping boxed wine and nibbling fancy cheeses. While I had been in all the boutiques before, I had never even step foot in SEE Eyewear. I’m not particularly into glasses trends and I guess I figured, what’s the point- I wear contacts. Luckily, I was with a friend who rocks the hipster glasses and she suggested we take a look at the offerings. Seriously, what was I thinking never even checking it out!?

SEE eyewear is the epicenter of hipster face decoration. Planted on the trendy 21st Avenue, this store has a great aesthetic all around. Clean rows of glasses begged to be put on and quirky photos of people and even dogs rocking their brand align the walls. What I loved most about this store is their philosophy of design- all items are made exclusively for SEE eyewear; you can’t get find this stuff at your nearest Dr. Bizer’s. The company does not believe in mass production calling it “a massive no-no”. SEE eyewear describes their products as “perfection…from the most innovative fashion frame makers in the universe – edited for you at ‘fashionably correct’ prices”.

And I have to admit, I agree. The glasses were just downright cool. My friend even found a fantastic pair on sale and I couldn’t help putting a pair of giant granny glasses on my face as well. This store will make you want to up that insurance plan and rack up a collection of face decoration genius.

Here’s what people are saying about SEE eyewear:

“See is an ultra-trendy little eyewear boutique in the heart of Hillsboro Village. They have a very hip and neat selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses, but most of their merchandise is pretty expensive.

See is walking distance from about five clothing stores and countless restaurants in the Village, so they really have the glasses market cornered in the area. They have a lot of very stylish frames, but most of the glasses hover around $250--even sunglasses. The store itself isn't too large, and there are lots of mirrors so you can check out your frames from every angle and determine whether they make you look more like Rivers Cuomo or Buddy Holly.

There are some very colorful (and semi-outlandish) frames at See, but they also have a diverse selection of subtle, dignified looking glasses that will make you look very studious. The staff at See is somewhat helpful, but they don't seem too interested in those who are "just browsing." Regardless, if I need a new pair of glasses soon (and somehow come up with the money to afford a really nice pair), this is where I'll head first.” –Patrick R.

“Need glasses? Go to Costco. Need super fancy chic hipster glasses? Go to See. I don't think they have a particular outstanding stock of sunglasses but they do have a really unique array of seeing glasses. With lots of colors and shapes, they offer a great variety with hefty price tag. However, if you are the kind of person that needs to always be wearing glasses while always being fashionable you might want to think about taking the cost hit. They also have some awesome framed photos of the most random people and their glasses, which makes See a generally fun place to waste 5 minutes in your day.” –Mariela C.

“See is a little different from any other eyeglass store I've been in before. There aren't any 'name brand' frames, so don't go in if you're looking for some D+G frames. It's kind of like a boutique for eyeglasses. They do have a nice selection of modern, stylish glasses to choose from. It's a small storefront, so obviously there's a big focus on customer service. The staff was very friendly and offered help picking out frames. I went in with a friend and didn't find anything that would fit my big block head, but my friend was very happy to pick up a pair of (expensive) sunglasses that she absolutely loved. I wouldn't have dropped $200 on sunglasses, but what the heck. If you're looking for some distinct (hip, trendy, modern) eye or sunglasses, you should check out See.” –David S.

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