Sunday, September 19, 2010

Event Review: Fall Frenzy Fashion Show by the Art Institute of Tennessee-Nashville

I love events. And I love event reviews. But when it comes to the Fall Frenzy Fashion Show produced by the Fashion & Retail Management students at the Art Institute of Tennessee-Nashville, it’s impossible to remain objective on this one. As the instructor for this class (Event & Fashion Show Production) I saw everything that went into this event- the hours spent conceptualizing the idea, contacting boutiques, developing public relations, and venue mishaps. I can’t begin to tell you the painstaking and thrilling process producing the fashion show was. And the hardest thing for me? Doing nothing! As a student-produced event I took an unusual backseat to my instructional style and let my class take charge. And did they! Working together as a collective team, all the students put forth 110% to produce a fantastic show. The clothing choices from Blush, Muse, and Pangea were fashion-forward. The publicity was well executed and uber-hipster photobooth was worth of an art show itself. And the runway set up? Enchanting. All the trees were hand-designed and hand-cut by the students who spent two days putting them together. And yeah, they looked pretty amazing.
I now have a greater compassion for anyone who produces any type of event- fashion show, wedding, concert, art show, whatever. It’s challenging, time consuming, and exciting. All of the ten long weeks the students put into the show were culminated into a twenty minute event. Ten weeks for twenty minutes. That’s fashion.

Although the official photos and video footage have yet to be released, Will and Alicia from were there to highlight the show. View the youtube video here.

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