Friday, September 24, 2010

Nashville Designer Manuel Wants to Open School

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Nashville’s most famous fashion designer, Manuel Cuevas, has a new project up his sleeve. After a 50-year career outfitting stars from Elvis to the Beatles to Johnny Cash, the 75-year-old King of Cowboy Couture wants to open an international design school here in Nashville. Manuel plans to sell his historic three-story studio located at 1922 Broadway to raise the $1.4 million necessary to open the school.
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When asked about his plans for the design school Manuel said, “My idea is that you select people from all over the world who are in their senior years in colleges of design and bring about 50 of them to Nashville each year. The institute would be housed in a Nashville building. It will be the only institute of its kind around the world.” Manuel believes that Nashville is the perfect central place for Americans to launch their design careers.

The planning stages for the international design school are in their infancy; as of yet, Manuel and his team have been looking into the necessary costs of opening the school and they hope that property and the school building will be donated.

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Source: the Tennessean.
Read the full article from the Tennessean here.

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