Thursday, September 9, 2010

Now Hiring: American Apparel

American Apparel (located at 320 Broadway Street) is looking for “intelligent, friendly and dedicated people to work at our Nashville store”, stating that “integrating fashion, sales, art, design, and technology, American Apparel offers many unique job opportunities and room for advancement”. Interested parties should send and attach a resume with picture to

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This may be your last chance to work for this hipster staple, so get on that one! Reports from WWD and WGSN indicated last month that the retail giant is in major financial trouble, citing a recent $7 million loss. It is expected the clothing retailer will claim bankruptcy within the next year and will liquidate their merchandise. Despite this, corporate individuals claim the brand is still strong. "Just two years ago, American Apparel was the ultra-fashionable shop that you found in every cool location, from Covent Garden to Oxford Street to Shoreditch," says Melanie Rickey, Grazia's fashion editor-at-large. "It became very big, very quickly. Everybody was wearing it, and I mean everyone: high-fashion kids, clubbers, geeks and gay kids across the world. It crossed all genres and tribes." Rumors have been fast spreading that an unknown bank will provide the finances necessary to keep the brand afloat, but who knows what will happen. I suggest you apply for this job quick, and stock up on some great basic threads!

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Read more about the rise and fall of American Apparel here.

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