Sunday, September 19, 2010

Local Highlight: The Spotted Fox Website

Sure this blog is dedicated to the local fashion scene, but what kind of blogger would I be without giving mention to our city’s talented crafters and artists?

It seems that only a few years ago only the lucky and talented crafter was able to get their merchandise on store shelves to be sold, but with the popularity of websites like, it seems as though anyone can launch a business (or at least a really cool side project) of diy goodies. And with a search of Nashville, TN on the etsy website you are sure to find hundreds of stores and thousands of one-of-a-kind finds.

I recently came across a website dedicated to chronicling and exploring the Nashville craft scene; The Spotted Fox is the epicenter of all things craft. Filled with cool local treasures and picture updates, be sure to add this site to your favorites list. Here is the description of The Spotted Fox as written on the website:

Handmade leather wallet from Rntn Studio
photo from

The Spotted Fox is the creative brainchild of an art geek and a craft freak who live in Nashville, TN.
Sara Estes and Kelly Phelps are ex-roomates who have joined forces to bring you the best blog ever for art geeks and craft freaks alike.
They do not enjoy writing in third person, however, so that will end now.
Our job is to highlight all things crafty, thought-provoking and aesthetically pleasing–to cheer you up and inspire you everyday.
We  have spent the majority of our lives marinating in the aesthetics of life. Sara went to art school and fell in love with contemporary art, and Kelly has been crafting her way through the Etsy and handmade community for years.
Between our background in fine art and in craft, we have a broad range of passion and knowledge that we want to share with you.
We believe that if we love it, someone else probably does, too. So why not share the wealth?
Art. Books. Handmade goods. Food. Right here.
Thanks for visiting and of course, feel free to tip us off on anything fantastic that you think we should see!
S + K

Circus apron from Angry Chicken
photo from

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