Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Update

This past weekend was filled with fashion adventures... Saturday night I hit up both the Local Honey Grand Opening Party and the RAW Nashville Launch Party and Meet and Greet. Sunday ended my quest to find the perfect black booties.

If you weren’t able to attend the Local Honey party Saturday, you definitely need to check out the new digs. The new location boasts three large rooms filled with vintage and local designer goodies and are spacious enough for LH owners to offer you a wider selection of unique merchandise the store is famous for. The back room, which now houses men’s goodies brought to you by Tidwell & Perryman, made me wish I knew the shoe size of any male in my life. The selection of men’s boots was out of control. Seriously. Of course, I accidently left my camera at home Saturday night so I can’t share pictures with you, but I highly suggest you take yourself or your man to LH and snatch up a pair or two of these delicious finds. Vintage worn-in leather boots can easily enhance the wardrobe of any man.

I ended up purchasing a simplistic vintage gold necklace (pictured below) that I can’t wait to pair with my statement faux fur coat I purchased at a New York H&M this past January. I also tried on an interesting pale pink sheer hand-painted dress Saturday night, but unfortunately wasn’t feeling the piece on me.
I mingled at LH, sipping 8th grade-style punch and pursuing the racks for about a half an hour before I had to head out to my second stop- the RAW Nashville Launch Party and Meet and Greet.

 This event took place in the back room of Mercy Lounge and when I arrived at 7:30, the place was starting to fill up with local independent artists. After picking my jaw up off the floor after being charged $3.00 for an ill-tasting diet coke, I mingled with a few folks, listening to their artistic journeys and visions.

$3.00.. seriously?

RAW had previously contacted me, wanting to conduct an interview to gain some insights on the Nashville fashion industry. I agreed to the interview and an organizer gave me a heads up on what it would entail: a discussion of what I do, how social media has affected/influenced my passions, and the RAW movement in general. Well, I’m not sure the message got translated to the interviewer, because none of those topics were hit! After a chat about my interests, I was asked to give advice to emerging fashion designers, discuss the growth of the Nashville fashion industry, etc. I had to leave after the interview (which took place outside in the cold because it was too loud indoors) to meet a friend for dinner.

Sunday was filled with shopping adventures. I hit up 21st Ave., where my first stop was Pangaea. I wish I could say I found oodles of unique accessories, a cute dress, and some kitschy home d├ęcor, but the tiny store was so crowded, I gave up on my hunt and left after a few minutes. There are only so many times you can say “Excuse me”, squeezing past people and literally stepping on toes, in a given time period before surrendering. My second stop was Posh.

Apparently Posh is having a sale- 15% off all clearance merchandise. I found this out today when I looked at their Facebook page. There were no signs indicating of an additional sale, and no sales associates told me. I do love the Posh sale section, though. I can usually find a couple of interesting pieces that I can’t wait to wear to work or to my usual watering holes. Sunday, however, I just wasn’t feeling it. I attempted to find a new black dress, but the lighting was so poor in the back room, I had to literally take each garment off the rack, turn my body, and hold it up to random light in order to actually see its details. I’m a pretty big fan of retail lighting anyways, but it’s important to make sure your customers can actually see your clothes! Functionality is key. I tried on a few pieces and ultimately decided to leave with empty hands.

I stopped by a few more stores, and eventually ended up at the Marshall’s on Lebanon Pike. Sometimes I forget about Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx, but I usually have luck at these places. And on Sunday, my request for the perfect black bootie ended. I found a pair of leather Vince Camuto black booties (listed for $99.99 on the VC website) marked down twice from $79.99 to $32.00. Score!

I ended up wearing these that night for drinks at my local dive, pairing them with black BCBG leggings, an oversized black crop top, and an Indian-inspired necklace previously purchased from Pangaea.
Now that my fashion weekend is over, I’m gearing up for next weekend’s events… Don’t forget about  Dinner with your Dog and Sassy Elegance, both being held next Saturday.

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