Monday, January 10, 2011

Store Closings and Openings at Green Hills Mall

This past Saturday I made a visit to Green Hills Mall to return some ill-fitting Christmas items and in the hopes of finding a pair of open-toed booties. Of course, I did not find my desired shoes, as you can never find what you want when you actually have disposable income. If I would have had no mission, I’m sure I would have racked up additions to my over stuffed closet.
While walking around the mall I noticed a few changes taking place. Of course, there has been the recent addition of both Judith Bright jewelry and Free People (coincidently located next to each other). Green Hills Mall has also been promising me a third anchor store, Nordstrom, since I moved to Nashville. And although there have been retail store openings in the recent months, in the upcoming weeks expect three store closings.

Pottery Barn, which has made the mall its home since 1998, will be shutting its doors. Their location at Cool Springs will remain open, but the home specialty store will be liquidating their Green Hills Mall merchandise this month. Inside sources tell me that we will not be disappointed with Pottery Barn’s replacement. (Read the full article on the Tennessean here.)
The Hallmark store is closing. Yeah, I know. What Hallmark store? Tucked behind the elevator and Auntie Anne’s pretzels, specialty card stores have hit it hard in the digital age. Many Hallmark’s nationwide are closing. No word yet as to the store’s replacement.

Lastly, Brookstone is closing. And I cannot wait for the replacement store to open. Ladies and ladies, get ready for Anthropologie Shoes and Accessories. While I’ve heard of many retailers opening accessories only stores, I didn’t know Anthropologie had before. I am an avid Anthropologie lover and shopper and look forward to the arrival of a store just dedicated to their unique and trendy shoes and accessories.
Owl Coin Purse
Love these Via Cardorna Wedges from Anthropologie - $198

Malls are constantly undergoing changes. I had previously blogged about the state of Hickory Hollow Mall and subsequently nerded out by delving into my Master’s thesis topic. (Read the full story here.) I wonder in the upcoming years how today’s economic climate will affect the Green Hills Mall. Certainly, we will see many more store openings and closings, as is typical in any mall setting. What stores would you like to see in Green Hills Mall?

Anthropologie Window Display

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