Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weekend Update / Event Review: A Touch of Blush

That’s right.. it’s Wednesday night and I’m just now getting to my weekend update. The past week has been sooo catastrophically hectic for me that I’ve literally had to carry around a bottle of Visine in my purse so I don’t end up looking like a cast member of 28 Days Later. (You think I’m joking…) But regardless, I’ve had some fun and not-so-fun happenings this weekend.
Let’s focus on Friday night. I attended the Touch of Blush fashion show held at Mai. Let me begin by saying that this was just an all-around disastrous night for me and (for the most part) not a reflection of the darling Blush Boutique.

I had previously blogged about the event, linking my fabulous readers to the Facebook invite where they could read more about the fashion show and RSVP. We’ll return to this later… So, the event starts at 10:00; I think I arrived to the 12th Street location around 10:10. This is the first time I’ve ever been “late” for a fashion show, but as we all know, fashion shows never start on time. It took my friend and I a good ten minutes to find parking, which only attests to how many guests were attending the show, and eventually followed a stream of cars into a parking lot two blocks away.

After trekking on a near-sheet of ice the two blocks in suede heels, we had to wait in line at Mai for another ten minutes. And if you were outside for more than a minute, you know how cold it was that night! After finally getting into the club, I told the lady at the door we were there for the Blush fashion show and as indicated on the Touch of Blush Facebook invite, if you mentioned you were with Blush you would receive free admission. Apparently, nobody had told her. She apologized, but told me my friend and I would have to pay a $10 admission each to get in. We argued with her for several minutes, and although I adamantly insisted we were to get in free, she replied, “I’m sorry. Nobody told me that.” Seriously? Seriously!?! By this time, I could see the fashion show going on, so I forked over the “admission” for my friend and I.
Models were parading down the runway as we made our way through the crowd; we eventually found a spot to stand, surprisingly, next to the runway. Six models later, the show was done.

So, yeah, I paid $20 to see six models walk the runway. Not happy. And yes, I should have arrived on time, but this is the first fashion event I’ve ever been to that actually did start when they said it would. You gotta give credit to Blush for being punctual- I’ll know better next time. With that being said, I did see pictures from the night and fell in lust with an adorable leopard print dress that would be a great piece for day (throw on a black sweater for work) and night (take the sweater off and grab some drinks with your girls!). I’m pretty sure I’m going to purchase that dress immediately.

 My friend and I stayed at Mai for another twenty minutes or so. While I considered making my way upstairs for the Blush after party, I wasn’t really in a socializing mood by this point. After we left the show, I thought it odd that so many people had cleared out after the show, noting the near-empty parking lot. Nope. People weren’t leaving, people were being towed. Sure, this was totally our fault for following a stream of cars into a parking lot without reading the tiny sign saying it was permit-only, but that didn’t make us feel better when the tow-truck driver refused to release our car until we paid him $85. We ended up having to ride along with the driver and his cockerpoodlelabradoodlewhatever to a gas station to reach an ATM. $115 for a night I thought would be free?! So yeah, not really the night I had anticipated!

Like I said, the disastrous happenings of this night were partly brought on by myself and sheer bad luck, but I’m still disappointed I had to pay for a fashion show that was so obviously free. It’s imperative that when putting on any type of event, fashion show, party, concert, whatever, that all involved parties are aware of the details, especially admission costs. While this incident may have been singular, nonetheless, it can make involved parties look unorganized or misleading. Communication is key!
The rest of my weekend was very unfashionable and filled with no sleep and too much work; I’m just now contemplating removing the Visine from my purse.
Until the next event…

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