Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Livia Firth Rocks Prophetik at the Golden Globes

Congratulations to Jeff Garner of Prophetik, whose eco-friendly design was worn by Italian film producer and wife of Colin Firth, Livia Firth at the latest Golden Globe Awards. It makes my heart proud to see a Tennessee-based designer’s work being showcased on the Red Carpet! Firth was taking part in the ‘Green Carpet Challenge’, an initiative to incorporate eco-friendly/sustainable pieces into her wardrobe.

Exclusive preparation photos:

Livia getting her makeup done.

Jeff from Prophetik helping Livia get ready.

Love this shot of Livia, Colin, and Jeff!!

Livia rocking the eco-friendly Prophetik look on the Red Carpet...

I love the silhouette and beautiful draping.

How sweet is he?!

I actually had a student intern for Prophetik for several months, and reading her internship journal was a true delight. I loved hearing about the tasks she accomplished, and how the team really integrated her into the company for optimal learning experiences. I’m so glad she had the opportunity to work with such a well-known and greatly respected company.
Here is a little information about the Prophetik design philosophy as detailed on the company’s website:

“My desire is to not just get people to come to a Charity event or go on a missions or service trip but to be truly engaged with self allowing the heart of giving and serving to lead one in life rather than being another event or feel good moment but a constant, not based on condition. Understanding the heart: When you understand, you cannot help but love. You cannot get angry. To develop understanding, you have to practice looking at all living beings with the eyes of compassion. When you understand, you cannot help but love. And when you love, you naturally act in a way that an relieve the suffering of people.

The Sustainable Journey: A meaningful analysis and evaluation of any product’s relationship to the environment must include a broad array of criteria including low-impact production, low-impact maintenance, and its classification as recyclable, reusable or incineratable. Primary considerations are low impact on plant and animal life, conservation of limited resources, and waste minimization….Jeff Garner

Looks from the latest Prophetik runway show:

Here is the press release on Firth and Prophetik:

January 16, 2011: Livia Firth wore a Prophetik by Jeff Garner gown as part of the 'Green Carpet Challenge' to the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards on January 16, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. Livia Firth chose a beautiful strapless gown made from Tussah silk and hemp that was dyed with Garner's own indigo plant. 
Livia Firth worked directly with Jeff Garner, whose Prophetik label is admired internationally for both its values and its sartorial elegance. ‘When I went to the Prophetik catwalk at London Fashion Week last September with Laura Bailey (model and fellow eco queen), we both loved the romance of Jeff Garner’s gowns. There is nothing granola or worthy about the way they look,’ Firth says.
Livia also appreciates the way Garner is able to approach ‘problems in the fashion chain, such as the heavy chemical pollution associated with dying, and come up with a considered response. His understanding of ecologically intelligent fabrics and processes is extraordinary, as is his respect for the natural world.’
Since the Tennessee based line Prophetik launched eight years ago, designer Jeff Garner has been a romantic visual artist, pioneer, and unconventional designer. His sustainable, organic label Prophetik is on a path of transformation, leading the evolution of fashion and changing our perception of luxury. Jeff Garner was recently named "2010 Eco Men's Designer of the Year" during London Fashion week. 
For further information regarding Prophetik by Jeff Garner, please visit or contact Lindsey Larson at and Colleen McKinnie at
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photo credit: Fairlight Hubbard from and

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