Friday, September 30, 2011

Blog Update: Cirque La Chique, Nordstrom, Tory Burch, Judith Bright, and Bourbon Tours

I returned to work yesterday after a much-needed break where staycation 2011 ensued. Other than completing a few assignments for class, and a trip back to Lexington, KY to visit friends and family, I spent the majority of my time doing things I rarely have a chance to do: watch movies, read books, grab drinks with friends, and do a little shopping. Of course, I updated Nashville Fashion Blog with upcoming events and local happenings, but I admit, I haven’t been on my blogging game. So, here it is. A recap of recent events, fashion and non-fashion related.

Recently, I attended the Cirque La Chique fashion show sponsored by Shop La Chique. Several of my students worked the event, and had an absolute blast. The circus themed event featured hula hoopers, jugglers, cotton candy cocktails, fashionable clothing, and circus-inspired hair and makeup. Other than some technical problems with the sound, the event was fun, lighthearted, and entertaining. I enjoyed my pink cocktail and watching the show from the sidelines. Although there are much better pictures on Shop La Cique’s Facebook page, I snapped a couple I thought I’d post. I only had my purse-size camera on me, but I like the artistic and dark feel of these photographs, with the spotlight and photographers on the models. 

I also had a chance to visit the new Nordstrom and attend the Tory Burch grand opening at the Green Hills Mall. I didn’t snap any photos at Nordstrom and the TB crew banned me from picture taking, but photos from Nordstrom, at least, are featured on several local websites. Unfortunately I was working (so much for that vacation, right?) and was unable to attend the opening day at Nordstrom, but day 2 was equally as enthralling.

Nordstrom, I love you. You carry the Chanel purses I adore. You let me touch the Miu Miu glitter booties I have been obsessing with. You adorned me in Yves St. Laurent. You break my heart, and I will never afford you. I would love to pretend I had a disposable $945 to purchase the sapphire blue Manolo Blahnik’s I was drooling over. But, I know it’ll never happen. At least, not any time soon. Despite this, I was enthralled with the new store; specifically, the visual merchandising is on point. Sometimes even more than the clothing and accessories themselves, I go totally nuts for the visual aesthetics of a store. I literally stood and stared at these two exquisite Chanel mannequins for an uncomfortable amount of time. Even I started to feel weirded out. The store is clean, bright, and beautifully decorated. I’m in visual heaven.

The new Tory Burch store was equally as beautiful. I was greeted at the door with a glass of champagne and my choice of a cupcake or cookie decorated with the iconic TB logo. The store was pretty packed so I had a difficult time maneuvering around the small space. While many women around the mall were sporting large TB orange bags, I’m sure filled with purses, shoes, and clothing, I quickly purchased a beautiful pair of black-rimmed Tory Burch sunglasses. This could easily be my new favorite pair.

Rounded Sunglasses with Studded Logo - $149.00

I also swung by my favorite jewelry retailer, Judith Bright, to use my Nashville Lifestyles Chic Week Shopping pass to save 20% on a pair of gold organic cluster earrings. What I love so much about this darling store is that all merchandise is hand-crafted at their Green Hills location. I hit up the store, informed the salesclerk of my intended purchase, wherein she said to me, “Oh, we’re actually out of that style right now. But, I can make a pair for you while you’re shopping, so come back in ten minutes and you can pick them up.” Uh, retail win! How often do you go shopping, fall in love with an item, only to discover they don’t have your size or color? So, yeah, its pretty sweet when a store can just whip up another item on the spot. Love me some Judith Bright. Frrl.

14 GF Organic Cluster Earrings $73

Last of my Green Hills Mall trip, I hit up our local Macy’s to see Jay McCarroll speak to the latest fashion trends. I arrived when there was some style competition between a few local girls dressing models for the upcoming Fall season; Jay critiqued each outfit, offering his audience tips for fashionable style for the colder months. I was surprised that only around forty or fifty patrons were gathered around; I expected a larger audience. I believe there was an opportunity for a meet and greet after the style marathon, but I had to head out and move on before I had the chance.

I also spent a weekend at my old stomping grounds, Lexington, KY, to reconnect with old friends and family.  It was a much-needed weekend eating at my favorite late night spots, having cocktails at my favorite bar, and touring my all-time favorite distillery. I’m from Kentucky, so you better believe I’m a bourbon girl. Woodford Reserve, located about 20 minutes from Lexington and on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, is planted on beautiful rolling hills and nestled between some seriously epic horse farms. My boyfriend had never been, so I figured we’d hit up a tour, eat some complimentary bourbon balls, and sip our complimentary shot of whiskey. If you’re ever in the mood for a road trip, I highly suggest you hit that spot up.

 Bubbling yeast. You can see the dude's hand in the corner to understand the dimensions of this container. Frrl.

Barrels of Woodford Reserve bourbon whiskey. And yes, this room smells like heaven.

This week, I’ve been engulfed in preparation for the upcoming quarter of teaching (school starts Monday). I am anticipating attending much of the nD Festival to benefit the Belcourt Theatre and received an invitation to Vanderbilt’s Scene and Heard Fashion Show on Saturday. Should be fun, and I hope to see you there. Until the next blog update! 

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