Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Photos from the Modest Is More Fashion Show

Last Friday, June 17, 2011, was a day/night of firsts. Around 11:00 AM I found myself on a stage, adorned in a cap, gown, and scholarly sash, hugging and congratulating my first two graduating students. Words cannot describe how incredibly proud I am of these two talented women, and how surreal it felt to sit across from a hundred or so students, moments away from receiving their diplomas. I am so lucky to have the job I do; I don’t think anything could be more rewarding.

That evening I attended the Modest Is More fashion show at Rocketown, which the Art Institute sponsored. I had been held up, finishing grading a few papers, so when I arrived at the show, it was just about to start. Although I had a seat saved for me, I stood at the end of the runway to ensure I a) got some great shots of the outfits to share, and b) got a great look at the clothes myself! I chatted with my pals Will and Alicia from Nashville Fashion Events, commenting on the garments, looks, and designers, and a few others as well.

The show kicked off with an introduction from an American Idol contestant and looks from the featured designer’s, Melissa Tabor’s, collection. I was surprised at how many designers / local boutiques were highlighted. What I thought would be a thirty minute show lasted about an hour and twenty minutes. Although I snapped shots of most of the looks, with over 170 photos taken, I decided to pair that down to a select few. Here are a few of the looks from the Modest Is More Fashion Show:

Featured Designer: Melissa Tabor

Je Well's Couture Designs

This model in the purple dress was my favorite of the night. She had such energy, confidence, and spark. This jewel made those outfits shine. 

Charlee Rose

OMG. These kids. I died. Once this first adorable little girl burst onto the runway, the crowd erupted into applause, coos, and screams. 


  1. Oh ok I see! No love for the fellas! Lol j'k @rog3rthat

  2. Why aren't any of the photos from the last portion of the runway show, Chico's, on here?

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