Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blog Update: 5 Things

It's been a while since I've made a personal update about the events filling my daily life.

As always, I'm busy at work; recently I've been creating new curriculum for an upcoming Fashion Marketing Research course that I'm beyond giddy over. I've about drown myself in back issues of the Clothing & Textiles Research Journal, familarizing myself with new research studies highlighting apparel production to consumer purchase behavior. It is absolutely fascinating the information that is out there on our field.

 I'm into Week 5 of 8 of my Doctoral class on Organizational Communication and have been consumed with daily research, nightly reading, and never-ending paper writing. At the end of this year I should be complete with my coursework, then it's another year of working on my dissertation. When I finally complete my Doctorate degree, I will insist that you collectively pool your money together to purchase me a congratulatory something fashionably fabulous. I'll keep you updated.

I've been in Louisville a few weekends, celebrating family birthdays, relaxing with my parents, shopping the boutiques of Bardstown Road, and eating Grater's ice cream (I about lost it when I saw my local Kroger was starting to stock only the greatest ice cream of all time and previously unavailable in Nashville).

I've also been doing a lot of research / web site looking (as I do on a daily basis) for work, and have come across several things I thought I'd share. Five things, actually, that I'm currently loving:

1. Photographer Kristin Vicari.
This Louisiana-born, London-based photographer, after a chance discovery, shot the last four seasons for the Diesel campaign, including the Be Stupid campaign. Vicari prefers to use natural lighting and attempts to make the models look natural, spontaneous, and 'in the moment'. Below is a collection she shot of friends for a personal lookbook. Vicari's clients include Tuborg beer, Trident, Tigi, Asos, The Outnet, and Stella Magazine.

2. Caravan Hotel, Berlin.
I may not ever actually make it to Berlin to stay in this ridiculously awesome themed hotel, but if you're ever in Berlin for a shopping trip, I suggest you stay here. We can classify this one under 'visual merchandising'. The Caravan Hotel is located in a former vacuum-cleaner factory, and provides guests a stylish crash pad for the night. The budget hotel pushes the boundaries of the conventional hotel experience by creating an indoor garden of caravans and wooden huts- each one uniquely and sustainably designed. Focus here is on texture, material, and comfort.

3. Rachel Zoe - Pre-summer 2012 collection
Zoe's latest collection features sexy glamour with her signature 70's style. The silhouettes are long and floaty, short and flirty. A color palette of blacks and whites form a base for pops of teal blue, fuchsia, and ultraviolet. Injections of cream, blush pink, and camel soften the palette. Key items include signature Zoe hallmarks- maxidresses with thigh-high splits, flared pantsuits; skinny jeggins; bell-skirted bandeau dresses; belted military coats with leather pockets and trims; slouch shrug cardigans and pussy-bow blouses. Fabrications include lace, chiffon, sequins, and stretch indigo denim.


4. August/Winter 2012/13 Women's Footwear Key Items: Heels
Many of these designs offer a new twist on an old silhouette. The loose ankle booties are my favorite.

5. August/Winter 2012/13 Women's Accessories Inspiration
The differing looks and color pallets, complete with Pantone color charts, offer a glimpse into the future of accessories fashion. What would you create with these inspiration collections?

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