Thursday, June 9, 2011

Modest Is More Fashion Show Casting Call

Here are the details:

Jennifer is seeking models to volunteer their time on June 17 (next Friday), and be a part of a world-class fashion show. The website that describes the show very well

5’6 or taller female, and males with any experience. They need 20 models, but whomever would be willing to volunteer would work just fine. The models will get gift bags, and the products inside are very valuable. Also, we have a fashion director who will ensure all of their needs are met. We have Vitamin Water as our official product sponsor, who will ensure they stay hydrated. We are having the fitting the day of (earlier in the day).

If interested please email your contact information to:

Jennifer Carney
@jcarneypr on twitter


  1. is that top supposed to be considered modest???

  2. sorry dis-regard that, it must have been about something else

  3. Oh my gosh... of course i'd see a comment from u trying to tear it down