Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Launch of Bamboo Pink

Bamboo Pink is a new direct marketing company featuring affordable upscale jewelry.
According the BP press release, “Bamboopink is where you’ll find a remarkable brand of fabulous jewelry, innovative technology, superior customer service, outstanding training, and a generous compensation plan. Our mission is guided by the experience of three top entrepreneurs and their single-minded desire: to provide you with a well-defined pathway toward self-reliance and greater personal wealth. The experienced design work of the master craftswoman that executed Bamboopink can be seen in each unique piece.
Bamboopink is Strength. Bamboopink is Integrity. Bamboopink is Creativity. Inspired by the incredible sustainability, prosperity and longevity of the bamboo plant, along with feminine softness and love that the color pink represents; Bamboopink is a company that will empower women to fashion their own path to success.”

This company is all about some direct marketing, but their jewelry does look pretty classy! For more information about Bamboo Pink, click here.

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