Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blog Update: I’ve been MIA!!

I know. I’ve been MIA. Frrl. Let me fill you in on my most ridiculous life…

Last week, in an attempt to get my warm on and visit family, I flew to Austin, Texas for a much-needed mini-vacation. And that’s where it starts… I’d never been to Austin before and was looking forward to seeing the sites, hitting up some great Mexican and BBQ restaurants, and, of course, doing a bunch of shopping. When the plane landed, my darling Aunt took my Mom and I to a strip of shops (think 21st Ave. X 40) featuring vintage wear, charming jewelry, fashionable shoes, and more Day of the Dead merchandise than I’ve ever seen. Now, remember I mentioned I was trying to get my warm on in Texas? Well, not so much. It was actually COLDER there than in Nashville!! 20 degrees or something with horrific whipping winds that nearly took the breath right out of me. C’mon TX!!?! Srslyyyyyy, what? So, yeah, it was a little brutal…

Day of the Dead merchandise

The next few days we visited the Blanton Art gallery, ate delicious food (including the to-die-for Mexican Pappasito’s), did a little more vintage and outlet shopping (Kate Spade outlet, what!?!), went to the Alamo, and had a fantastic time catching up with family members. Oh, and what else did I do when I went there? Oh yeah, I totally got sick.
OMG greatest fajitas and margs of my life!

It’s been bad. Seriously rough sick. Which brings me to my next point… Valentine’s Day. I’d been feeling HORRIBLE for days and days (worst throat pain of my life), and after visiting a seedy Urgent Care center on Sunday, decided yesterday, I couldn’t take it anymore. So, while I had originally planned on writing a very adorable and sweet article about the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit for our most girl-centered holiday, instead, let me tell you about the perfect Emergency Room outfit. ‘Cause that’s where I spent my Valentine’s Day!

Now, when you’re sick, like really reallllly sick, you don’t care what you look like. Nor should you. And, let me tell you, yesterday, I didn’t either. I threw on some clothes, grabbed a purse, and drove myself to the ER (thank GOD I had a friend come with me!). The whole ordeal lasted about 7 or 8 hours, but was surprisingly less stressful than I thought. (Quick Tip: If you ever have to hit up the ER, let me suggest Summit Medical Center.. what lovely Doctors and nurses! Ha.) For most of the time, I was posted up in some little room, getting pumped full of morphine, antibiotics, and who knows what else, while watching bad re-runs of America’s Funniest Home Videos and How I Met Your Mother. So, yeah, the outfit…

Uggghhhhhhh.... bad cable!

When leaving my house, I threw on presentable comfy clothes. Notice I said “presentable comfy clothes.” Yeah, I totally have pajama pants, velour pants (no, they don’t say Juicy on the butt), sweatshirts, etc., but I don’t care how sick I am, I refuse to wear those clothing items in any place other then the comfort of my own home. That’s where they belong. So, the perfect Emergency Room outfit: tank top (this will come in handy), oversized, long-sleeved American Apparel tee, stretchy elastic-waisted jeans (NOT jeggins), fluffy, orange Ugg-like boots (notice I said Ugg-like, not Uggs), and oversized bag.
I realized the tank top is a VERY important undergarment. Even though I was having a throat problem, they had to stick an IV in my arm, which meant off with the oversized Am Appy shirt, and on with the crappy hospital gown. THANK GOD I had the tank top, because the idea of hospital gown touching my skin kinda grosses me out.

The jeans I was wearing were sooo comfy, while lying on a hospital bed for 2 ½ hours. They’re my new favsies. I purchased them from Asos.com for only $25, and am in love.

Next, the Ugg-like boots. I refuse to buy Uggs. But about 6 years ago, I totally bought a pair of burnt-orange Ugg-ish boots from Urban Outfitters to wear around the house in the winter, when I check my mail, make a quick trip up to the bank, etc. But never out in public.. frrl. That is, until yesterday. I actually got two compliments on them (hey, I took those compliments where I got them in my pitiful state!). It was like heaven on my feet, as I dazed in and out of consciousness… Smart choice!

Ok, so there’s my update and explanation as to why I’ve been MIA. I’m beginning to feel slightly better now, though I have been ordered to stay home for the next several days to recuperate, and am getting back on track.
Regarding Nashville Fashion Blog, I’ll be posting some great articles soon about some lovely designers, so be on the lookout for that. Also, I’ll be returning to my usual posts within the next day or so.
So, thanks for your support and continue to keep updated with Nashville Fashion Blog!

Thanks my darling readers!
-Amber C.

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Pappasito’s: Nashville Fashion Blog