Friday, February 18, 2011

Designer Highlight: JoMarie Jewelry / Win a Pair of Earrings! $50 Value!

I always find it inspirational when people can both make and stick to their New Year’s Resolutions. Whether it’s learning French, toning up, or deciding to get back into the dating world, a new year is the opportune time to change your life. But is it a time to completely alter your life and follow your passions? Jodie Vieira from JoMarie Jewelry thinks so!
JoMarie Jewelry designer Jodie Vieira

Vieira possesses degrees in both Accounting and Business Administration, but was apprehensive about following an arts and design-related career. Although she admits she followed the sensible career path in accounting, the art classes she took in college “were hands down my favorite.” Vieira says it took her a while to find her creative medium and the confidence to change her life. So, on New Year’s Eve, Vieira spent her last day working as an Accountant for a prestigious Fortune 500 Company to pursue her creative dream as a jewelry designer. The designer admits it was a “tough decision” to quit her job, and a decision she had to think about long and hard. Ultimately, she wasn’t happy in the world of accounting and wanted a career in which she could express her creative side. Vieira discussed the decision with her husband and they decided “my sanity was more important than a steady paycheck” (most supportive husband ever, right!?!). The designer also knows she is fortunate to be in a position that allows her to follow her dreams. She confesses, “So far it’s been amazing, I now have the time to expand my line, take additional classes to learn new skills, and live a more balanced life.”   
The designer began making her creations about seven years ago. She explains that although at first it was a hobby, she began wearing her own pieces and giving them as gifts to both friends and family. During this time, her jewelry making took a back burner to her accounting career, “but my love for it was rekindled a couple of years ago when I began making jewelry for my friends’ weddings.”

Long Dramatic Champagne Pearl Earrings - $37

Vieira says, “JoMarie Jewelry evolved organically from my own personal jewelry needs.  As I made earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to compliment my own wardrobe and wore them out, I found that people really responded well to them.  I was soon taking orders and decided to launch my own line.” JoMarie Jewelry features three collections: Timeless, Rock, and Bliss.
The Timeless collection is “geared towards everyday wear that is effortlessly chic and beautiful” and features necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. The latest Timeless collection, as featured on the designer’s etsy site, boasts an assortment of pearls, shells, corals, and amethyst with color pallets of silver, sweet pink, grape, turquoise, and chartreuse green.   While one pendant necklace will set you back $145, the rest of the line is an affordable $15 to $65 per piece. (Vieira also feels Taylor Swift would be a perfect representative to sport this line because of her classic beauty and elegant style.)

Turquoise and Pearls necklace - $65
Exquisite vintage turquoise is paired with freshwater pearls to create this casual yet classic bohemian style necklace.

The Rock collection features “edgier and more dramatic” pieces, and is “the type of jewelry you wear out on the town when you want to have a good time.” The Rock collection also features earrings, necklaces, and bracelets and ranges from $16 to $55. With a color pallet of pearl white, silver, black, and turquoise, these pieces will be sure to compliment any outfit.

Dramatic Chain Earrings - $24
Several chains form dramatic metallic tassels that hang from a silver plated hand crafted ear hook, finished off with small black crystal squares.

Lastly, the Bliss collection is a wedding line, “classically beautiful but with modern twists.” This collection mostly features pearl earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that would add an elegant touch to any bride’s gown. Jewelry from this line costs $15 to $219. The designer’s most fabulous jewelry moment also came from the Bliss collection, when a friend of Vieira’s wore a pair of pearl earrings on her wedding day. The designer says, “It is a huge honor for a bride to choose to wear one of your designs on the most important day of her life.” 
Brooch with Pearls necklace - $195
A statement piece, this stunning bridal necklace is made with over one hundred freshwater pearls that dangle and twist on one side of a Monet brooch offset by simple layered chains on the other side. This beautiful necklace is the perfect balance of vintage style with a modern twist.

The JoMarie Jewelry design aesthetic is simple, effortlessly elegant, and understandably chic. Vieira says women who wear her jewelry are sophisticated and confident, appreciating beauty and art “whether it be in nature, on a canvas, or in the clothes and accessories she wears. She is fresh and modern, and has an overall stylish and chic appeal to her.”

So, where does Vieira find her inspiration? Everything, she says, although most of her inspiration comes directly from the materials she works with. “I can spend hours pouring over beads, stones, and findings; imagining the possibilities.  I believe that to have truly wonderful pieces you must start with quality materials.  I am also inspired when I see a new outfit; I like to imagine what jewelry would make it pop.” Vieira also began working on a new project called 100 Earrings in 100 Days, where, just like it sounds, the designer creates 100 new pair of earrings for 100 days straight. Although challenging, Vieira says it’s important to get out of your comfort zone with designs and even ask for help, if necessary. For example, a recently necklace design was created because a Facebook fan suggested it!

Plum Pom Earrings - $28

The designer plans to continue expanding her line, possibly adding a fourth and bohemian look. She also wants to add rings and cuffs to the merchandise mix, once she sets up silversmithing in her studio.
So, when she’s not making hand-crafted jewelry, where can you find this designer around town? Vieira loves the Germantown streusel at Germantown Café, the truffles at the Cocoa Tree, Friday martini’s at Sambuca, the Arryington Vineyard, and Bicentennial Mall (where her husband proposed). Her two favorite bands are Kings of Leon and Jypsi, and her favorite designers are Vera Wang, Jessica Simpson (shoes), and Michael Kors for his clean and classic silhouettes.
As a final thought, the designer says, “I want people to know how much care, energy, and emotion goes into each one of my pieces.  Not only when I create the design, but every time I fulfill an order.  I pour myself into my jewelry, and I think that shows through in the final product. I even include a handwritten note and piece of chocolate with each order.” Adorable!!

Find JoMarie Jewelry on here, on Facebook here, or keep up with her blog here.

Win a Pair of Earrings from JoMarie Jewelry - $50 Value!!

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  1. I LOVE JoMarie pieces -- I own a few and they are all light and airy, while still maintaining the "WOW" factor. I've been sharing the link with friends, and I look forward to seeing the line grow in years to come! Such and exciting venture. My favourite piece is the coin pearl necklace on the "Bliss" line. I've bought it for my bridesmaids, and I can hardly wait to see it on the them.

  2. Jodie you truly are an inspiration. Your dedication and passion is shown in every piece you create. Love all JoMarie Jewelry lines but my favorite is Rock.

  3. While I love items from all of JoMarie's collections, I think my favorite is Bliss. The earrings I wore on my wedding day were from that collection. :)

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  5. Jodie, you are doing a fantastic job. All of your pieces are beautiful. I love when a new piece pops up on my Facebook feed. Kudos to you for following your dream.

  6. I have to say I really like the Bliss collection, especially the pearl necklace pieces.

  7. Jodie, I love seeing all your new pieces. You are so creative! They are all beautiful!

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