Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Five: Black Mamba

Five things, Nashville and beyond, I’m currently trending….

Black. Although I enjoy my pops of electric blue, blood red, and gold tones, I always gravitate towards black. There is nothing sleeker and sexier than a black dress with some sky high black stilettos. Classic and timeless apparel. So in honor of my go-to color, here’s are some fashion items I’m currently trending.

1. American Apparel Tights

I had recently purchased a Groupon for $100 worth of Am Appy goodies for $50 and waded through downtown tourists to reach my favorite basic apparel store. After grabbing a sheer oversized black chiffon shirt, I headed towards the tights. Within the wide assortment of merchandise I settled on two pairs (black, of course)- stripped legs and circle print. 

The sheer luxe solid stripe pantyhose run for $22 and I paired them with a chiffon long-sleeved black dress and black heeled booties for a stylist work look. I received several complements on the tights from both my students and other faculty members.

One of the most difficult tasks of picking out and ultimately wearing tights is comfort level. Nothing is worse than dealing with a pair that fits too snug and hinders your mobility. The Am Appy tights were seriously THE most comfortable I have ever worn in my life. Made from a soft nylon blend, this pair could have been worn for days. Love it.

2. Jeffrey Campbell’s Night Walk

What girl doesn’t love the innovative styles of Jeffrey Campbell? I’ve been ogling at these shoes for years, and am consistently pleased with the new silhouettes JC introduces. And the Night Walk line is no exception. These shoes are fashion forward, daring, and a definite show stopper. And I was stopped today when one of my students walked into class with these gems on her feet. Seriously fabulous. I had heard the Night Walk line was difficult to function in, but my student assured me it was just like wearing wedges. I woant these now.


3. Bar III Sleeveless Faux Leather Dress

This picture is pretty bad and does not do this dominatrix-like dress justice. Also, the ensemble looks strides more polished when not paired with teenage-inspired purple tights. I picked up this Bar III sleeveless faux leather dress at Macy’s while shopping with my mom after Christmas. It is absolutely stunning and super sexy. I wore this with a pair of black wedges, silver hoops, and a silver bracelet on New Years with friends, and received several compliments on the look. The dress is still classy enough to be socially acceptable for a fashion event or dinner party, but has enough edge to be worn during a night out at Three Crow Bar.


Pair this gem with those above tights and shoes, and you're set!

4. Alexander McQueen Black Skull Clutch

I owe this find 100% to my students. In our fashion styling course, I have the students complete weekly trend boards on Polyvore for various scenarios. Last week the students created an outfit for celebrities on the red carpet, and a few students used the same clutch to accessorize their ensembles. This clutch. This amazing Alexander McQueen black skull clutch that retails for over $2,000. This, this I need. I’m pretty sure if I owned this, I’d wear it with everything and everywhere. Dinner with the ladies? Wait, let me grab my clutch. Fashion show launch party? Hold on, I need my clutch. I gotta make a run to Kroger? Stop. I have to get Alexander. Buy this for me, please.

5. Black Nail Polish

Within this post, I’ve unintentionally created a Friday night outfit, so I may as well top it off with a quick coat of polish. Any black polish will do, but hot on this week’s radar is Chanel’s Laque Brillance Extreme. Retailing for $25 a bottle, this polish better do miracles. Top it off with one silver sparkly nail on your ring finger, and you’ve just outdone yourself.

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