Sunday, November 20, 2011

two elle and Nashville Clothing Company to Shut Doors

Just days after making my very scholarly research-heavy Nashville Fashion Blog article detailing the social and economic importance of shopping locally, the independent retailer is crumbling around us. Yes, it’s true that the majority of small businesses fail within their first few years, but it doesn’t lessen the impact our fashion community has seen with the upcoming closings of two retail stores- two elle and Nashville Clothing Company.

While both retail owners have exciting plans to pursue in the future, they leave us with parting words (and slashed everything-must-go prices):

two elle:
Dearest friends, family, and loyal followers:

Once upon a time, a girl had an idea. She envisioned a wonderland where people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds could come together. She began this journey in a small house with a red door on 12South. While there, she met many of you, shared many joyous walks through the neighborhood, and collected treasured moments. Then, in 2009 she moved her wonderland to The Hill Center. There were new treasured moments, new red doors, and new cherished family and friends whose impact have further defined and personalized what this journey is all about. Now, after Christmas this wonderland will close its doors.

We will officially begin our close-out sale on Black Friday. Surely, there will be deals, but our bunny and Nashville shirts and sweatshirts will not be marked down. They are now becoming collector's items and are already quickly selling out. We also encourage you to ask us about our furniture and fixtures. Perhaps you can now create a little wonderland in your own home.

And so, as is the case in all good stories, this chapter has come to an end. The girl will crawl out of the rabbit hole and press on to her next adventure. Your kindness, support, admiration, and compassion will inspire each step we take through the looking-glass and beyond. For that, we cannot thank you enough.

It's been a lovely fall, bunnies, but the time has come to say goodnight.


Nashville Clothing Company:
After 5 years and with mixed emotions we want to tell you that we are closing Nashville Clothing Company. Our last day will be Sunday, November 20. Mike and I have made many changes over the past 2 years and our hearts have a new focus. We have made numerous trips to Haiti and Africa and feel that we are being led to do mission work.

We love the store and we love being in the Gulch, but we know that it is time to move in a different direction. 

We feel truly blessed to have been part of your lives and your wardrobe over the last few years. We have loved each customer and every minute we spent with you. Thank you for supporting us, the local designers and our store. 

The next few weeks we will be having big sales and will be selling all of our inventory, furniture, pictures, and more. All of it has to go! Please stop by and see us before it is all over. 

Thanks and much love!

Mike and Tiffany

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