Monday, April 2, 2012

Carrie Underwood- Where Did You Get Those Shoes?

I may not be a country music fan (eep! I know?!), but sometimes I’ll catch a glimpse of Taylor Swift’s shoes or Carrie Underwood’s dress and wonder- Where did she get that? Well, if you’ve ever wanted to dress like a star, NFB has you covered.

Courtney Smith of CBS recently analyzed the beautiful and electric fashion of Carrie Underwood in her new video for “Good Girl”- breaking it all down and letting you know what designer duds Underwood is sporting and where to get the look for yourself (and sometimes for less!).

Here’s an excerpt from the article found here:

Good Girl Floral Maxi Dress

(Sony Music Nashville/Theresa Wingert)
Dress: Elizabeth and James — This dress encompasses the look and feel of the Olsen Twins fashion line. Recreate it with a flowing floral Elizabeth and James dress from Saks.

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman — Underwood rocks fushia stripy sandals. Zappos has pumps in the very same hot pink.

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  1. Carrie underwood needs to FIRE HER STYLIST!!! She never gets it right! It's like she just hired her off the streets! She gets some peices right but NEVER A FULL LOOK!! Just sayin