Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Five: The Inspiration Files

Five things, Nashville and beyond, I’m currently trending…

For those days that I’m stuck, need a little inspiration, or a boost of artistic creativity, here are some of my top favorite inspiring spots:

This darling writer is the Martha Stewart of our generation. Focusing on a lifestyle brand, this popular blogger writes about fashion, dining, and decorating. 


2. Shopping
Ok, so this is a generalization, but nothing inspires me more than a day browsing boutiques, or walking the mall. I am in love with visual merchandising. I look forward to seeing new merchandise in stores. I have to feel the ridges on a sequin dress, or the cool, slick texture of a silk top. I can literally shop for an entire day without purchasing a single item. I just want to know what's out there in stores, and what people are buying. There's nothing like being surrounded by interesting clothing, shoes, and accessories to reignite a spark of creativity. 

3. My students
I am incredibly lucky to be surrounded by creative individuals on a daily basis. My students are constantly inspiring me with their ensembles, ideas, of interesting tidbits of fashion or retail information. Learning is a two-way street and I am always learning from my students. I am also fortunate to have the ability to meet wonderful and exciting people through my job. For example, yesterday I brought in a guest speaker to my Fashion Styling / Fashion Forecasting course- Adrian Morales of snappylifestyle. This driven and talented individual spoke of world travel, fashion shows, social media, and photoshoots. Sometimes it takes a like-individual to reignite a passion. 

4. Interior Design
The home is a reflection of personality, and I am continually inspired by bright walls, crisp furniture, and intricate details. Whether it's a new touch for my own home, or garnering ideas for another's, nothing provides more self-expression than the house. My favorite home decor spot is cb2.

My bedspread.

My oso dinnerware. 

5. Fashion Illustration
Detailed lines, washes of paint, a touch of glitter- illustrations are an exquisite work of art. 


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