Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nashville Listed as 39th Worst Dressed in America

I'm sorry, what? Seriously? Apparently GQ Magazine has listed our dear city as one of the nation's worst dressed. Here's what the mag had to say:

"Even in 2011, Nashville makes it clear who won the battle between the cowboys and the Indians. Here, boots replace dress shoes—and, in some extreme cases, sneakers. Dress shirts aren't monogrammed, but embroidered with a design that usually begins with a stitch and ends in flames, and by "tie" they mean the leather shoestring thing your nephew wears in Boy Scouts. Hank Williams will never die because of Nashville. Never.—Mark Anthony Green"

And the picture associated with said article? This:

I mean, seriously. Was this BRC circa Achy Breaky Heart? How old is this photo?!

Yeah, I get that Nashville is associated with country music, but as we all know, country music and country dress are not the only things that define us as a city. And as far as boots and flame t-shirts- the only people I ever see wearing these items are downtown tourists. GQ, before you stereotype cities, do the research, and get your facts straight. 

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