Thursday, July 28, 2011

Event Review and Photos: RAW Presents Illuminaire!

Last Thursday I was asked to attend the RAW presents Illuminaire event, held at the Mercy Lounge. This was the third RAW Nashville event, but other than the original meet and greet, it was my first.

When I arrived at the event, only a half and hour late, I was shocked at the mass number of individuals flocking towards Mercy Lounge. I was flabbergasted at the individuals tail gaiting for the event. I was even more surprised at the non-cocktail attire of the people heading towards the door. It wasn't until I waited in line,  dressed to the nines and surrounded by people in band t-shirts, ill-fitting denim, and kick-your-ass boots, that I realized a Sevendust concert was taking place at the Cannery Ballroom. Needless to say, it was an interesting mix of individuals outside. 

Upon arrival to RAW, I headed up the stairs to the Mercy Lounge, and was pleasantly greeted by RAW event coordinators (all wearing adorable sparkly dresses and mile-high heels). I made my way to the back room where artists and jewelry designers were showcasing their pieces, tacked to walls and merchandised on pool tables, and met up with my friend and RAW talent, Allison McEldoon from Blue Owl Designs. She had recently finished a series of paintings centered around body image and the ideal woman. I love the colors used to express the emotions of these images, and the silhouettes of the women. 

After chatting with Allison for a while, I strolled around the room, snapping a few photos of other artists and attendees.

I loved these huge abstract paintings. How perfect for an office or accent piece in your living room!

As simplistic looking as it may be, I LOVE this orange circle painting. This would be an excellent complement to my electric blue living room walls. 

I started exploring with new settings on my fancy camera that I don't know how to use. I like the artistic look of these crisp black and white photographs. 

Making the sell...

Guests mixing it up..

I LOVED this guests outfit. The low-cut jumpsuit flatters her body and hugs all the right curves. The simplistic gold jewelry punches up the ensemble without being overbearing. How absolutely appropriate and fun!

THIS is what I'm talking about! These ladies were classy, sassy, and super sweet. I can only hope that when I'm their age I'm still attending fashion events and hanging with the best of them!

Spoken word artist/musician.

I had some clearer photos of this live art demonstration, but the dark shadows creates an eerie mood I couldn't resist. 

Crowded around the designs of Blue Owl. The creator is on the left.

I had to snap a photo of these dancers warming up!

It's a little hard to tell with the dark lighting, but this is my see-through lace American Apparel dress I love. Paired with a black bandeau bra, simple gold jewelry, and black wedges, this ensemble was especially cool for a hot Nashville night. Additionally, some girl came up to me and said, "Oh my god! I love your dress! Man, you're ballsy." I responded, "Um... thanks?"

And the fashion show starts!

 Loved these thick black heels.

I loved the dark and surprising collection of Madness Is. The fashion forward womenswear and menswear featured a color pallet of neutral blacks and whites with a few pops of grey and beige. The collection was “inspired by a mix of the Romanticism era and the 1970’s British punk movement” and in essence, “embodies a hard edge style trimmed with lace.” The designer wanted to feature clothing spotlighting chaos, destruction, and madness. Love it!

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