Friday, April 15, 2011

Thursday Night Excursions: Fashion Showcases and Shopping Adventures

Yesterday concluded a long day at work on top of a busy week filled with teaching, meetings, and research. So, I was happy to get out last night to attend a website launch and fashion showcase for PJ’s Closet at Flyte restaurant. PJ’s Closet is an online based fashion retailer who aims to be something like for Independent designers (my words, not hers). As detailed on her company website, “PJs Closet has fashions arriving daily, so you’ll always find a unique selection of one-of-a-kind treasures.” This company isn’t based out of Nashville, but PJ’s Closet is looking to expand their online merchandise selection by partnering with some local Nashville designers. So, if you’re interested in having your duds featured on this website, email owner and founder Nichole Hawkins here.

The Ninja Gown - $275

The event was pretty low-key, with a handful of designers, bloggers, and friends mingling around. I took a look at some of the accessories offered by the retailer and perused through a rack of Wear It Out Manuel tops. I also wanted to die for the ridiculous cut-out dress featured in the flyer. According to Nichole, the dress designer didn’t know how to sew before making the garment. Seriously? The dress was exquisite.

I spent most of the evening there chatting with Nichole about her store and products, and recapping Nashville Fashion Week with Carla and Mizzie from Stella Shops.

I stayed at the event about an hour before cutting out to do a little shopping. Since I was in the area, I stopped by UAL in the hopes of finding something I couldn’t live without. No such luck. I love UAL, but because the merchandise is always rotating like a swanky T.J. Maxx, it can be a hit or miss situation.

Afterwards, I hit up Urban Outfitters in the hopes of finding some new skimmers for summer. Again, no such luck. I looked through the racks of clothing, but, eh. I used to love this store, but now I just feel like UO is a giant cliché that I’m so over and tired with. I mean, I know that’s kinda their deal- mass produced hipster clothing- but I just can’t feel the UO love any more.

Looks from the latest UO catalog

Disappointed with my fashion luck, I came home and made the worst decision possible- I logged onto Two hours later, I was $200 poorer and three pairs of pants, three dresses, and three cocktail rings richer. But seriously, 9 items for $200? I think I can live with that.

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