Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nashville Fashion Week Photos Are Everywhere!

It seems like everywhere I look, I keep seeing photos from Nashville Fashion Week! Of course I already have my posts and photos up, but I thought I’d share with you some more NFW coverage:

Nashville Fashion Events interview with Valentine Valentine:

Nashville Fashion Events Tuesday Runway Show:

Also, I didn't snap any photos of myself or guests at the shows, but I found these two on COSMICaroline I had to share:

This is a totally awkward looking photo of me, but I finally had a chance to wear my new lace / chiffon dress from American Apparel that I adore. Also, sitting to the right of me was Kelly Cutrone’s adorable daughter and then eventually Kelly Cutrone herself! These were taken at the Christian Siriano fashion show.

These were my NFW buddies for the week. On the left is my student Corey and on the right my new fashion friend Kanye West. I mean, Hassan.

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