Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Launch of All Most Famous

Congratulations to Danielle Kimmey and Britt Johnson of All Most Famous- a new independent fashion marketing, sales and comprehensive representation for Nashville fashion designers. Be sure to check them out and keep updated on the ventures of AMF. Below is the press release regarding their launch.

Britt and Danielle of AMF.  

There is a new kid in town! It is with great excitement that I announce the launch of All Most Famous, independent fashion marketing, sales and comprehensive representation.

As many of many of you know, my background is in music, but my passion for fashion runs deep. I am constantly on the lookout for the newest, latest and most creative clothing. Over the years I have encountered many talented designers who want to begin a label but are they are not sure how to get their product to the public. There are others who have already found success but they desire to take their brand to the next level. As a musical artist, there are many avenues to help: record labels, management, booking agents, distributors, etc. So I thought, “Why not create a new business model that gives fashion and accessory designers the same type of support available for musicians?” And that is how
All Most Famous was born.

We exist to create great opportunities for independent fashion and accessory designers. We do this through the means of public relations, marketing strategies, branding, and wholesale to boutiques.  I have partnered with
Britt Johnson – an expert in the marketing and public relations field – and together we have created a company that will help introduce some of the best design talent in the country.

Joining our ever-growing roster are the talents of:
Tidwell and Perryman, a Nashville based clothing line that focuses on creating a look that fits every man and woman’s unique personality and lifestyle. Tidwell and Perryman’s premiere home, Local Honey, will soon open in a new location in Nashville at 2009 Belmont Blvd where they will have double the inventory in both women and men’s collections. They can also be found at Fanny's House of Music in historical East Nashville.
Concrete Response, a timeless reaction to city currents. With industrial undertones, there is a strong emphasis on raw materials and refined silhouettes. Being heavily influenced by the concept of the modern time traveler, Concrete Response's head designer Justin Wootton introduces color pallets and stories that transition from day to night and subtle detailing that allows each garment to transition from season to season.
J&HP, coming from New York to California to their new home in Nashville, J&HP is redefining what it means to create vintage inspired apparel. Within a year and a half of origination, they have set the internet community ablaze by creating beautifully tailored, limited quantity, affordable clothing.

For more information on All Most Famous, please visit our new website

We are continuously on the search for the latest emerging clothing designer and fashion trends.  If you are an upcoming designer and would like to partner with us, please submit photos of your work, along with additional information about yourself and your life to 

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