Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Retailer Hightlight: United Apparel Liquidators

If you haven’t been to United Apparel Liquidators (UAL) located at 2918 West End Avenue, you need to grab your girlfriends, your Kate Spade pocketbook, and get there now. UAL offers high-end designer duds for men and women at grossly slashed prices- 70 – 90% off daily. For example, you could score a $6,000 Valentino gowns priced at $800 or $480 Marc Jacobs shoes for $79. With a rotation of name-brand merchandise this little store is always crammed packed with goods, so you do have to dig for a while. However, the assistants are always very helpful, guiding you around the store and letting you know about the hottest deals and designs. Here is what people are saying about UAL:

“If you have some time to dig, crawl, and sift through cramped and unorganized racks....it can certainly be worth it. Trust me; it's worth the effort because you can find deals that the fashion industry doesn't want you to know about. It can be our little secret.” – Marcia M.

“Best shopping in Nashville, bar none. You definitely have to visit often to take advantage of the continual shipments of amazing stuff (and to start figuring out where everything is located around the store!), but I almost never leave empty-handed or with an empty wallet. You can find everything from up-and-coming designers to the most established high-end labels. It's gotten to be a fun hobby of mine to spot the exact same clothing or shoes at the other boutiques and stores in town that I've seen or purchased at UAL for literally fractions of the prices.” –Kate S.

“HOLY MOTHER OF DESIGNER BARGAINS!! Do you remember the feeling when you were a kid and you walked into a toy store for the first time - so much to see your heart raced and your head started spinning? THAT'S how I felt when I walked into UAL for the first time yesterday. Thanks to the wonderful yelpers I checked this place out - and like within the first 10 minutes I already had 50 dresses to try on.” –Rahel K.

“Labels such as Jimmy Choo (seriously? heels for $150!!!!!!), Balenciaga, Velvet, Black Opal, Hollywould, Michael Kors, and MANY others live there. Here's the kicker--they really ARE like 70-90% off (I'm not kidding about the Jimmy Choos...probably $650 shoes at $150--can't beat that with a stick!)” –Robin R.

“The sales people are nice. It caught me off guard to have such cheery, nice people offering to bring me tons of stuff, since I'm used to sifting through racks of musty old clothing at Goodwill and such, but the service is certainly very... friendly. While most of the stuff is very affordable, they also have the more couture stuff, perfect for very formal events or when you have money to spend on a truly designer dress. At the least, it's fun stuff to look at.” –Emma L.

Quotes from http://www.yelp.com/biz/united-apparel-liquidators-nashville.

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